The best legal funding company in Atlanta GA.

With Alpha Pro Funding, a cash advance can be issued against your claim to help you with expenses, obtain a replacement vehicle or help cover medical expenses while you await settlement. There is no credit check or income verification. The process is simple and all we ask is to speak with your attorney to verify the facts of your case. Best of all, Lawsuit funding is not a loan – if your case is lost… you owe us nothing.

  • First, our rates and fees are among the lowest in the industry
  • Unlike a traditional loan, you make no monthly payments and only pay us back if you win your lawsuit
  • We can get you cash for your lawsuit in as little as 24 hours!
  • Finally, there are no Application Fees or Late Payment Fees

LOWEST COST FUNDING GUARANTIED! Check the Comparison Chart Based on $1,000 Pre-Settlement Funding

Payment Schedule 3 Months Payoff 6 Months Payoff 9 Months Payoff 12 Months Payoff
Alpha Pro $1,150 $1,300 $1,450 $1,600
Peak Funding $1,200 $1,400 $1,600 $1,800
Oasis $1,575 $1,575 $1,732 $2,362
Peachtree $1,463 $1,645 $1,645 $1,807

What is Pre Settlement Funding?

Pre Settlement Funding is the type of funding intended to provide funds to the plaintiff in a lawsuit, before the case is finally resolved by a court decision or settlement. This funding helps plaintiffs who have immediate needs, such as medical care, secure financial help before the legal proceeding has run its course, often a matter of several years.


First of all, the funding may free the plaintiff’s lawyer to reject an inadequate early offer and wait for a more attractive resolution. This money is an advance on the value of the recovery in a lawsuit. Qualifying plaintiffs receive it on a non recourse basis, meaning that the borrower owes no money if the plaintiff loses his or her suit. In exchange for accepting the risk of non-payment, (A verdict for the defense,) the funding company is charging an interest on the provided amount. If you cannot wait for the settlement and need the money today, please discuss this option with your attorney or give us a call at 1-800-717-0527.